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AltoPass is Mobile-first
AltoPass was conceived as a mobile-first product. Creating a simple and secure mobile password manager remains our top priority. A mobile phone is the only computing device for millions of people around the world. It is our priority that our users have an excellent mobile experience with this app.

However, many of us use desktop and laptop computers. Consequently, a solution is needed that would allow easy access to credentials on those devices while preserving the mobile-centric approach of AltoPass. This solution is the Web Client that works in any browser.
AltoPass Web, Example of QR code
Web Client for every platform
AltoPass Web Client is a web application that pairs with the AltoPass mobile app and makes all user credentials accessible in the browser tab. Web Client works on any device or computer with a fully functional web browser.

In order to utilize Web Client, you need to open in a browser window and scan the displayed QR-code with AltoPass mobile app by going to Settings->AltoPass Web. Upon pairing, the mobile AltoPass app will transfer your metadata to the browser tab over a fully-secure end-to-end encrypted connection. Even the AltoPass server will not be able to access this data.

Once metadata is received, Web Client will become a fully functional AltoPass application. Thereafter, you will be prompted to enter the Key Phrase which will unlock all the associated accounts and facilitate calculation of the Generated Passwords right there in the browser tab.

You also have an option to set up a "Trusted Device". "Trusted Device" setting on the authentication screen controls, determines the frequency with which reentering of the Key Phrase or rescan of the QR-code is required. A frequently used device can be designated as a "Trusted Device" and an extended duration of use can be selected without the need for reauthentication.
Web Autofill and Chrome Extension
In order to take advantage of the autofill in a web browser, you will need to install the AltoPass browser extension. This extension works as an add-on to the AltoPass Web Client and provides autofill functionality inside the browser (similar to the Autofill on mobile devices).

Currently, AltoPass provides a browser extension for the Chrome browser only. Additional browser support is on the way.
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